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So with little fanfare but is definitely a BIG DEAL, the first conveyance of Alameda Point happened last Tuesday and the City Council was positively giddy with the excitement of the whole thing.   It’s hard to get too excited since it’s just a bunch of pieces of paper right now, but the forward progress on the Alameda Point Vision document — I’ll write about that next week — will probably go a long way toward building more excitement for the Alameda Point project.

In more tangible news, Mayor Marie Gilmore announced on Tuesday night that a bunch of businesses have signed letters of intent for Alameda Landing.   The City later put out a press release about this but the businesses are:  the Corner Bakery, Michael’s Arts and Crafts, Habit Burger Grill, and Sleep Train.

Yes, more burgers people.   Apparently Alameda has an insatiable need for burgers that burger company after burger company is looking to fill.

The Corner Bakery is, of course, a chain, but one I wasn’t familiar with.  Apparently it’s a Dallas based chain that is more popular in the East, but the chain made its first Bay Area foray in Pleasanton.  It’s kind of like Panera.

The Habit Burger Grill is also a chain the originated in Santa Barbara, sort of a fast casual model, no drive-thru.

The Michael’s craft store is slated to be a “prototype” version, but I’m not sure if this is a new prototype store or the old “prototype” that you can sort of already see at the Emeryville Michael’s.

All right, just for funsies I guessed, based on the square footage mentioned by the Mayor and basic Google searches of which stores would go where depending on the “In Negotiation” map.   I will say I am surprised that there is no coffee shop yet either Peets or Starbucks (or other, apparently Alameda Landing will be a big launching ground for non Bay Area saturated chains)


I wasn’t sure where the approximately 2000 sq ft Habit Burger would go, but it typically needs patio space, so I would imagine one of the smaller ones smack in the center would be pretty good.

A few dates to remember, June 10, use permits and design review will go before the Planning Board for the commercial side .   June 24, use permit and design review before the Planning Board for “500 Willie Stargell” which can only be the remnant parcel and will probably either be (1) Safeway gas or (2) Drive thru resto (In N Out, probably) or (3) both.    October 2013 is, of course, the Target target opening.  Summer 2014, that’s when Catellus has said that they will have the first phase on Alameda Landing fully built, if not fully leased, but they are extremely confident that they will have it all leased up as well.

In other Alameda Landing news, at the last Planning Board meeting Tri Pointe Homes, the residential developer for the, well, residential portion of Alameda Landing made their pitch for the unit designs through a design review application which was to approve the application except for the frontage on Fifth Street to get a bit more variety in the look.

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